Sunday, September 30, 2007

Screw it, I give up!

A disastrous loss to the Lions - Griese did not do any better than Grossman - The Packers are 4-0, Lions are 3-1 - I think it's safe to say this season is close to being over.

Frustration - no other word can describe the situation

I think I'll have to watch the fucking Cubs now...dammit!

Friday, September 28, 2007

While we are talking about how great the Cowboys are...

In 2009, The Cowboys will begin playing at the largest, and most technologically advanced stadium in the world. The stadium will be outfitted with the two largest freestanding arches in the world (eat that St. Louis), and will also have the largest television monitor in the world (60 yards wide). The stadium is being built about 10 minutes from my house in Arlington. It will be located about two blocks from the Ballpark where the Rangers play, and about 2 miles from Six Flags over Texas, which is the original Six Flags Theme Park. Damn, this just means more fucking traffic and more fucking tourists in Arlington.
Go check out the official stadium site to see more details.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ken hAk's weeK 4 pICks

I receive yearly evaluations in my work. If my superiors were to inform me that they were unsatisfied with my work, I would take steps to get my act together. At the slightest hint that my work is not on par, I would do what was necessary to take steps in the right direction. And if I was unable to do so, could I blame my superiors if I was demoted? What message does it send to my co-workers if I am given confidence by my superiors, and fail to reward that, and no action is taken?
This is how I approach the news of the week, the current situation with the Bears, from a business angle rather than that of an emotional fan.
Do I believe Grossman is the only problem?
No. But as every other position on a team should be open for competition, so should be the starting quarterback.
Do I believe Griese is the answer? I don't know. Individuals who say "band-aid" and "rusty" seem to forget the impacts Jeff Garcia and Kurt Warner, as example, have made as of recent. Who's to say Griese will not make an impact as well.
I do know if the Bears signed another quarterback today, he wouldn't play Sunday. I do know there is no way the Bears could play Grossman at this point.
From a business angle, I only see progress forward.
From an emotional fan, I only see a glimpse of hope.
Ken Hawks picks (29-19 overall)
New York > Buffalo
Green Bay > Minnesota
Houston > Atlanta
Miami > Oakland
Chicago > Detroit
Dallas > St Louis
Baltimore > Cleveland

San Francisco > Seattle UPSET
Tampa Bay > Carolina UPSET
Pittsburgh > Arizona
Indianapolis > Denver
San Diego > Kansas City
Philadelphia > New York
New England > Cincinnati

"Wrecks" Grossman Out, Griese In!

Rex Grossman was finally benched, after suffering his latest ass-kicking at the hands of the Cowboys. As much as I would love to blame Grossman for all of the Bear's failures, I can't seem to ignore the lack of effort by our wide receivers who collectively fucked up various plays in the last few weeks. Furthermore, our offensive line has struggled to keep the quarterback safe in the pocket. Even worse, our defense has taken major hits with the losses of Mike Brown, Nathan Vasher, Tommie Harris, Dusty Dvoraceck, Lance Briggs, and others.

Is Brian Griese the answer?

Maybe. If he can spark the offense to, at the very least, stop turning over the ball to our opponents, our weakened defense should be able to perform to a minimal standard. Griese is not a phenomenal quarterback. He has never been tested in a leadership role. Therefore, we shouldn't expect a whole lot out of him.

This should be the Bears' goals:
1) Stop turning the ball over. Give the defense time to rest so they won't be tired in the second half. The Cowboys game is a prime example of this. It wasn't so much that Tony Romo (at least in my eyes) was brilliant, or that T.O. made the plays. Our tired defense allowed the Cowboys to get their offensive game going. We need to stop the turnovers.

2)Establish the running game. Someone needs to kick Cedric Benson in the ass in order to get him moving. He needs to start producing some long runs and 100+ yards/game, or we will be in serious trouble. If we can keep the pressure off of Griese to make plays, the passing game will naturally compliment the running game.

3)Win the next 2 games. If we don't win the next two games, or at least 2 out of the next 3, we can kiss this season goodbye. We don't know whether the Packers are for real yet, but we cannot take the chance of letting them get a big lead. Furthermore, the NFC north is getting better. We need to take control of the division NOW.

IF the Bears can win the next three games in a row, we will be in control of the division once again. Let's hope Griese does a better job than Grossman, so we can get our REVENGE against the Cowboys in the playoffs.


Jets > Bills
Ravens > Browns
Cowboys > Rams (although I would love the upset...jk bnd)
BEARS > Lions
Dolphins > Raiders
Texans > Falcons
Vikings > Packers (Upset...if you can call it that)
Seahawks > 49ers
Panthers > Buccaneers
Steelers > "Crown their asses" Cardinals
Colts > Broncos
Chargers > Chiefs
Giants > Eagles
Bengals > Patriots (UPSET!!!)

I have no record yet, so we'll see how this goes.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

LittleNewsDay's Predictions

This may be a new weekly feature written by my 11 year old son, so keep this thread PG.

GB>SD UPSET "take that Lefty and Ken Hawk"
chicago<<<<<<<<<<<COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!"your team sucks ken and lefty"
tennessee>new orleans

MrsNewsDay's Predictions

"I don't care about football. Now get out there and mow the yard!!!!"

Friday, September 21, 2007

According to this Man...

Da Bears will beat the Dallas Cowboys 157 to 3!!!

But according to this guy......

No Bears will be left unskinned.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Be a man.

Ken Hawk is the name you know me by. It's a name with a history, a story of a butt ugly 40 year old who hasn't quite aligned his life direction yet.
McGovern is a name others know me as. I'm a scientist, a musician, a weightlifter, a runner, a volunteer firefighter, a husband, a friend, an ordinary man. And most people who know me, know I am a football fan.
This space is typically reserved for the former to express his poorly educated, poorly informed opinion.

But now, as McGovern, I feel an obligation to voice myself, for the love of my game.
McNabb and his issues.

Is this The View.
This is what has dominated the first three weeks of the NFL season. I don't even take a side in these "stories" anymore. I am a football fan, and a fan with passion doesn't need these paper-selling, flaming drama stories. This is what I have to say.
Be a man.
Man up. All of you.
Media. It's a story. And a story that has been over exaggerated. A story that has been drug behind a truck for a week. And it's hardly even a story.
McNabb. You are a quarterback in the professional football league in the United States of America. YOUR face is on a fan's shirt. YOUR face is on a Campbell's commercial. YOUR face is on my copy of Madden 2006.
Whether you are right o
r wrong, in your story, or in your "issues", you all have your lives. You have your limbs. You aren't starving. You don't have parasites in your eyes.
I am finished with the media, with the players who can't accept what they take for granted. You are paid to write about football. WRITE ABOUT FOOTBALL. You are paid to play football. PLAY FOOTBALL.
Be a man.
Life is not fair.
I don't have the luxury of being a man who writes about or plays football. But I'm a man with a passion for a game.
I'd appreciate the girls staying out of it.
Ken Hawk's picks: Week 3: (18-14 overall)

New York > Miami
San Diego > Green Bay
Pittsburgh > San Francisco
New England > Buffalo
Kansas City > Minnesota
Detroit > Philadelphia UPSET
Tampa Bay > St Louis
Baltimore > Arizona
Indianapolis > Houston
Denver > Jacksonville
Oakland > Cleveland
Seattle > Cincinnati
Carolina > Atlanta
Washington > New York
Chicago > Dallas
Tennessee > New Orleans UPSET

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A little Nascar News

Dale Earnhardt Jr. was in Dallas today to unveil his new car number and sponser for the '08 Nascar season. In February of '08 Dale Jr. will take the reigns of the 88 Hendrick Chevy with co-sponsers Pepsi (Mountain Dew & Amp Energy Drink) and the National Guard. The team also unveiled two paint schemes he will be using next year.

OK, now back to the trash talkin' about how the Cowboys are going to stomp the Bears!!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Let the trash talking begin!!!!

Who's gonna win this week?

Tony Romo - Quarterback with confidence

Rex Grossman -EEEEEEEEK!!!!
I think their facial expressions say it all.
So that is why they call them Packers.




Thursday, September 13, 2007

kEn HAwk's weeek 2 pICks

i dont gET iT. i bROke oUt the olD nintenDO and my tecmo bowl gAme ANd plAyed as chicago against san diego and wOn teh gAme 92-0.
Ken HAwAKs week 1: 10-6
kEn HAwSK wEeEK 2 piCKs:
Indianapolis > Tennessee
New York > Green Bay BWAHAHAHA

Cincinnati > Cleveland
Carolina > Houston
New Orleans > Tampa Bay

Pittsburgh > Buffalo
Jacksonville > Atlanta

St Louis > San Francisco
Minnesota > Detroit UPSET
Seattle > Arizona

Dallas > Miami
Chicago > Kansas City
Baltimore > New York Jets
Denver > Oakland
New England > San Diego
Philadelphia > Washington

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Lefty's 2007/2008 NFL Picks

Fuck it, I'll get straight to the Superbowl: San Diego Chargers over Da Bears.

Most improved: Dallas Cowboys. I think they'll seriously kick ass this year.
Biggest bust - Peyton Manning, although he already kicked the Saint's ass! WOW!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

ken haWk's WeeK 1 pICks

I liK teh chEeRlEadERS AN d teh buTTs i wiSh they hAd the cheeRlAeder coloRing boOks And tEh rEmake of 3 ninjas high noOn on mega mouNTain.
KEns wife is takinG the Raven t go To the supEr boWl, and i say thats a dAmn good piCk. but i picked teh blackhaWks, despite everyonE tellIng me They're noT even in fOotball.
kens wEek 1 picks:
Indianapolis > New Orleans
Philadelphia > Green Bay
Minnesota > Atlanta
Miami > Washington UPSET
New England > New York J
Jacksonville > Tennessee

Denver > Buffalo
Pittsburgh > Cleveland

St Louis > Carolina
Houston > Kansas City
Seattle > Tampa Bay
San Diego > Chicago
Detroit > Oakland UPSET
Dallas > New York G
Baltimore > Cincinnati
San Francisco > Arizona

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

keN aHWk s 2007 NFl predicktions

THe air cooLs. The leaves turn. the winDs slip through the browniNG grass. it waS a daRK anD sTormy niGht. laDies anD gentelmen, its fooTbAlll seaSOn.
the winnER of the 2007 NFl seaSOn will be teH chicago bears.
yeaS you heard it hERe first.
how dO i kNWO thiS?
i plAYEd a seaSOn of MAddEn 2008, on eASY mode, and beAt Teh baLtimORe ravEns in tEh supERboWl, 77-3 , wiTHoUT brEaking a sweAt.
clearly, i wZAs the bettEr team.
in all sERoisuness,my preDictioNs foR te seaSAon. do nOT underestimAte the hawk; in two of the last three seaSOns, i hAVE correctly predicted the supEr bowL winNEr. yeS, my early pICks foR laSt yEARs comebaCk plaYUer of the yEAr FreddIE mITchell ANd Defensive plAYer oF the year teRrEll oWens maY have beeN prematURe, buT this is a new season.

Super Bowl winner: San Diego
Super Bowl loser: Chicago
Dark Horse: Denver

From what I have seen San Diego has too much talent to simply blow off on the assumption that new coaching will dramatically alter the team. Norv Turner is smart enough to see there's a good thing going here. No major losses over the offseason, another year of experience off a 14-2 season, quite possibly the best offensive weapon in the league, great O and D lines, and lets not forget a hunger after falling in the playoffs last year to the Patriots. San Diego had me at first instinct, and I'm sticking to it.
Some will assume a bias pick, however if this were true I'd say Chicago would be your Superbowl winner this year. All the elements are here for a return to the final, a much more intense offense, that sturdy, cruel Bears defense, a great O line, and a special teams unit unmatched in the league.
I see a challenger arising in the NFC West this year, but something tells me it will be the Broncos that will be the team that no one sees coming that fights its way into the playoffs. Cutler looks to have a more effective year with a number of weapons at his disposal, and the defense won't be giving up much with Lynch, Bailey, and now Bly in the deep. More predictions:

San Diego
New England
Wild Cards:

Most Improved:
Dropping off:
New York

New Orleans

Wild Cards:
San Francisco

Most improved:
Dropping off: