Monday, January 22, 2007


  • And then, it happened.
  • The Bears silenced the nation with a 39-14 solid pounding of the New Orleans Saints to take the George Halas trophy and the NFC Championship.
  • The team that NFL fans and sports writers alike unanimously chose to fall on Sunday didn't just win. They beat a very good New Orleans club. And they did it as a team.
  • For an entire season no team has been so ragged as they endured criticism week to week, with parasitic writers leeching every weakness to pen out whatever story they can get.
  • A top seeded Chicago team entering the divisonal game against the Seattle Seahawks was picked against and regarded heavily to falter, and did not.
  • And still following the game, many pegged the team to perish in the wake of the Saints and the aura of their amazing season.
  • And the Bears may have been some of the few who bought into themselves this game. A 39-14 conclusion echoes a sincere statement.
  • That no matter how much you don't like them, no matter how much you will disrespect them (very classy, Reggie Bush), they came out against all odds on Sunday and crushed the Saints.
  • Some will say the Saints were the best story of the year. But how about the team that no one wanted? To endure as the Chicago Bears have, to go through week after week as the nation questions your judgement, and win, speaks volumes.
  • The Bears may never get the respect they feel they deserve. But today, they wake up NFC Champions. They clearly dominated the Saints and earned their place in the Super Bowl. Jay Mariotti of the Sun Times, Gene Wojciechowski of and 8 ESPN analysts who made the Friday headline "Sorry, Bears" by all taking the Saints to win can only shake their heads.
  • But this is where the Bears have been all season, and exactly where they want to be now. Underdogs by a mile. The nation is already buying into Peyton fever.
  • In two weeks, an angry Bears team will come out fighting. And whether or not the sporting world will ever stand by them, they have stood by each other this season. And that makes for a great story.
  • Congratulations to the 2006-07 NFC Champions.

Lefty's Two Cents&trade

Ken Hawk couldn't have summed Chicago Bears' fans feelings any better! We have been the underdogs the whole season. We've been the team that's not good-enough to beat good teams. We've been the worst 13-3 team in history. We've been labeled guaranteed losers against this year's feel-good team. How did we respond? By consistently proving the so-called experts wrong! Da Bears are already 7 point underdogs against the Colts and their Peyton-frenzy. The Bears WILL show the world how foolish it is to write off a team based solely on a shaky quarterback (who has actually been rather impressive) and depleted defense (tell the Saints this). THIS is the team of destiny. THIS is truly the underdog story of the year. Disrespect has fueled the Bears all year long, and the sports pundits have despicably, to Bear's fans joy, disrespected and underestimated this team once again. I don't guarantee victory for the Bears on February 4th, but I do guarantee that they will play their asses off! Nevertheless, I have a good feeling!

In 2005, the Chicago White Sox weren't respected as much as the St. Louis Cardinals or the New York Yankees. They were the underdogs for most of the playoffs. Yet they were able to bring a World Series Championship home to Chicago! I have the same feeling for the Bears in Superbowl LXI. Like the Sox, the Bears started off HOT, cooled down considerably, and then kicked ass in the playoffs. Sox swept the Astros in the World Series in impressive fashion. I honestly feel the Bears will impressive on Superbowl Sunday. These parallels may not have the most logic. But in the world of sports, logic doesn't always reign. Mr. Manning, meet Mr. Urlacher! Give 'em hell LOVIE...GO BEARS!


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ken Hawk's Friday Huddle Quick Hits - Playoffs - Conference Week

  • Unstoppable. Unblockable. Unrelenting. Ken Hawk. The legendary loser of Blabbermouth. Love him. Hate him. The guy is going to get a doorknob stuffed up his ass by teenagers either way.
  • "Mr. Hawk, you're saying you didn't come to the hospital with this sooner because you thought you'd get laughs at parties?"
  • Conference Weekend. Its the Saints vs. the Bears and the Patriots vs. the Colts. Two teams that no one saw coming and two with the biggest ongoing rivalry of football in the new century.
  • ...the fuck was I talking about?
  • The final four square off Sunday. The fight begins when the Saints head north to face the mighty Chicago Bears.
  • Chicago is favored by 2 in the odds, but the talk is all the Saints' amazing season and the chance of the franchise's first Super Bowl victory.
  • And why not, it has been amazing. 27 players that returned from a 3-13 season, a new coach, a new quarterback and rookie RB and the Saints are in the NFC Conference game.
  • The Bears have had a rollercoaster of a season. A 13-3 record, a postseason victory for the first time since 1988, and Chicago still remains a target for anyone with an opinion based on the play of the unpredictable Rex Grossman.
  • Now, I've never been a huge fan of Rex's play. But I would love to see anyone take up Grossman's place and weather that storm. I have lot of respect for a guy who has been so dogged and doubted, and endured, and still played, and WON a solid playoff game. To go in with so many criticizing you, and win, I'd say thats a bigger accomplishment that winning without struggling at all.
  • New Orleans has the team to win here, and they very well may, but I believe the Bears have a better shot than most give them credit for. Great offense vs. great defense, I'll take the D. The Saints secondary tends to give up the long ones, where Berrian and Muhammad will certainly be. Hester is due after getting the kinks out last week. Cold weather ahead, and NO hasn't played in a place like Solider Field this year. Like last week, I think Grossman shows up again. Saints have the story of the season, but at this point I'm rooting for the Bears in every way I can.
  • Pats and Colts. I thinks its safe to say this is the rivalry of this decade.
  • New England comes in after that upset over the No. 1 seed San Diego. The same weekend, Indianapolis takes down the No. 2 seed Baltimore and the league's best defense.
  • The fact is the New Englanders continue to be the white whale to Manning, but Hawk believes this round will go to Indy. I'm a firm believer in momentum, and the past two weeks the Colts defense has been something reborn, shutting down the running attack of the Chiefs and holding back the Ravens to a pair of field goals.
  • Some will point out the history, but history is rewritten everyday. Indianapolis is a team trialed by fire, battle tested, and finding their stride just at the right time.
  • Ken Hawk says this is the year the Colts rewrite history, take down their demon, and move to the Super Bowl.
  • Ken's picks: Conference Championships Week:
  • Chicago > New Orleans
  • Indianapolis > New England

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ken Hawk's Friday Huddle Quick Hits - Playoffs - Divisional Week

  • This day in history, 1977: An 8 year old Ken Hawk participates in show-and-tell in his 3rd grade class: "thiS iss a bOneR. sometiTMes i get these when im watchinG teh tv. i showd my dAd aand he puchED me."
  • "man teahcer is hoT today." BOING!
  • Divisional week. 8 teams. 4 winners. In honor I'm posting pictures of 4 winners below.
  • A quick summary of the games and then we can all get on with our lives and rough up the suspect to these cheerleaders, alright?
  • Things start out Saturday when the Colts head back to Baltimore to meet the AFC North Champion Ravens.
  • It was a fairly impressive outing by the Indianapolis defense last week. The problem was Kansas City's plan to depend on the run. Of course Dungy was going to come with a counter strategy. Trent Green didn't have a prayer against the 2nd best pass defense.
  • But Baltimore isn't Kansas City. The Ravens are a stingier, more balanced attack of a team. Crappy weather predicted. Ken Hawk is taking the birds.
  • I'll take both of those as well, damn.
  • Saturday night its the Philadelphians at New Orleans.
  • The Eagles' run game and defense got the team through a close rivalry game last week with the Giants. Garcia wasn't on fire, but Philly got it done.
  • The first meeting this year went the Saints' way 27-24 and established them as a power in the NFC. This time around, one of two great stories will end in the Crescent City.
  • Possible upset? Last week Garcia's play slipped a bit, perhaps a sign of things to come. Ken likes NO's vast weaponry and playcalling. Saints.
  • On Sunday, its the Seahawks and the mighty Chicago Bears. The speculation falls on Grossman and the Bears' defense.
  • Ken Hawk says the Chicago D shows up and proves a lot of people wrong. This is the team that beat the Giants at their best, shut out the Jets, and forced 5 turnovers on the Pats on a road trip.
  • Point: the playoffs are a different atmosphere. The dominant Bears D will be in full force.
  • I have the Bears in this battle. The Seattle O was mild if not rusty last week. The defense is plagued by injuries. Outmatched on special teams. Something tells me Grossman plays a good game. A Bears defense in full force overpowers the 'Hawks, and the Bears head to the NFC Championship.
  • Finally, the Patriots at the Chargers on Sunday afternoon in what is expected to be a monumental game.
  • I see why the Pats are the trendy upset here. Any time this team ends up in the playoffs, it's trouble. Belichick has a history with rattling young quarterbacks.
  • Nevertheless, Ken Hawk is going with the Chargers. The balance of talent sides with San Diego, this is simply the better team. Despite Philip Rivers' struggles, the offense finds ways to win. The D makes crap crap itself. This is the most complete team I have seen this season.
  • Ken's picks, Divisional Week:
  • Baltimore > Indianapolis
  • New Orleans > Philadelphia
  • Chicago > Seattle
  • San Diego > New England

Saturday, January 06, 2007


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fucking cowboys!!!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ken Hawk's Friday Huddle Quick Hits - Playoff Week 1

  • Happy 2007 from Ken Hawk! The man celebrated the New Year's Eve at a drinking contest, and decided to make things interesting by matching his opponents' drinks with his own shots of motor oil.
  • Hawk (right) was arrested at 6 AM New Year's Day, publicly intoxicated and talking to a discarded pair of pants in a bus station men's room.
  • The playoffs have arrived and the second season begins. Back to 0-0. What a team has done up to this point no longer matters. Last year 3 of 4 visitors won the wild card weekend.
  • This cheerleader makes my pants smile.
  • At the moment it looks like the home team in each of the wild card games is favored over the visitors.
  • The Sunday AFC wild card game features the Patriots and Jets in Foxboro, split 1-1 between them during the season.
  • This will be a cold one, a rivalry gets mean as the Jets got the Pats' number once this season. Hawk doesn't see New England being caught off-guard again by a New York team inexperienced in several phases of its structure.
  • Ken will also be taking the Eagles to put an end to the Giants season on Sunday. Philadelphia carries incredible momentum into the playoffs. A troubled New York club hasn't beaten a good team in weeks, and would need a perfect game to overcome their rivals, and Hawk just doesn't see it happening.
  • The two Saturday wild card match-ups look to be less one-sided and a bit more intriguing.
  • In the AFC its the Chiefs at the Colts. Kansas City is locked and loaded with Johnson and set to roll. Indianapolis comes in with the No. 2 passing offense in the league.
  • The Chiefs seem to be the upset of the week, but Ken's going with the Colts. I just don't see a road-challenged KC outscoring the Indy offense. Colts execute and win the shootout.
  • And the NFC pits a fight in the Northwest when the Seahawks play host to the Cowboys.
  • Both teams have been hard to gauge what with some serious inconsistency the past few weeks. The Cowboys have looked as if they've lost their identity. The Seahawks haven't had much of a fight in them at all this year.
  • This is about as difficult as they get, but this one's for you BND. I'll be going with the 'Boys for an upset. Bottom line, Dallas' play has been shaky, but Seattle has never recovered to the 2005 play. At this point the team has simply suffered too many injuries to hold off the Cowboys rush and receiving corps.
  • Wild Card weekend picks:
  • Indianapolis > Kansas City
  • Dallas > Seattle UPSET
  • New England > NY Jets
  • Philadelphia > NY Giants