Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New Look at BigSportsDay

I've recently upraded to the new version of Blogger that gives me greater power to change the layout of the page. Let me know what you think of the new design.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ken Hawk's Friday Huddle Quick Hits - Playoffs - Super Bowl

  • And at last, after the burning days, the heated battles, the trials of time, the moment of truth has arrived.
  • Indianapolis versus Chicago. The Super Bowl. Ken Hawk made an epic quest, enduring directional difficulties, car problems, forced to hitchhike with his wang, having a light bulb crammed up his ass, driving on a flat tire, you name it.
  • And Hawk would bask in this glorious moment, if he didn't end up in Miami, Indiana. What a dickbrain.
  • That said, this is the end of the Ken Hawk NFL blog. The Hawk is on his way back to the advice column and his music.
  • It's been a competitive season and a fun journey covering every moment, dissecting every week and having some laughs along the way. I hope both of the readers enjoyed this as much as I did.
  • So lets get down to business one more time, the Colts and the Bears.
  • The matchups favor the Bears. The Colts haven't been that dominant, high scoring team they have been in the past two years. Manning and Harrison both have fought through the playoffs, but not without their respective struggles. Still, America loves Peyton. The comeback against New England earned him respect with all of the people who said he could not.
  • The cycle continues. The nation follows the better story. The Bears are still that lesser team. The problem is for all the talent that Chicago has, on its offense, its defense, its special teams, its coaching, the emphasis falls on one player.
  • I believe the situation gives room for Chicago to prosper. Again they are underestimated, even quickly picked to lose by some. Their defense was steadfast is halting the NFL's No. 1 offense two weeks ago. The offense is balanced enough to put points up on the Indy D. And Chicago's special teams have a sizable advantage in overpowering the Colts coverage.
  • Ken takes the Bears. There has been no other team so underestimated, so scrutinized, and yet so adamant, so unbreaking in the face of pressure. This team demands respect, and I believe this is the week they get it all.
  • Chicago > Indianapolis