Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ken Hawk's Friday Huddle Quick Hits - Week 17

  • How about Ken Hawk's New Year's Eve outift? Man is this guy in for some action, like some kicks to the groin. You have GOT to be kidding me, Ken.
  • The final weekend in the NFL season. Do or die. Kill or be killed. Soup or salad. Yadda yadda yadda. No need to listen to this guy, Hawk went 6-10 last week. This can probably be attributed to Ken watching cartoons and thinking he could drink bottles marked "XXX" and be OK.
  • Therefore, I'll cut down on the all-knowing talk and go straight to what I know best. My only beef this week is with the Green Bay vs. Chicago game.
  • And with the Santa cheerleaders.
  • The Pack seem to be the pick to take the last wild card over the Rams, Giants, Falcons, and Panthers.
  • As a Bears fan, I think some are underestimating the Chicago plan going into this game. There are a few points to consider going into this weekend.
  • Lovie Smith's first goal upon arriving in Chicago was to end the Packer's domination over the Bears in recent years. Coming in and recognizing the importance of this 80+ year rivalry and making this a priority installed immediate confidence in Smith.
  • Since, the Bears have gone 4 of 5, sweeping the Packers in 2005 for the first time in nearly 15 years, and opened the 2006 season with a crushing of Green Bay at Lambeau, 26-0.
  • And, Smith has no intention of letting up this last week. The Bears are playing their starters.
  • Secondly, the Packers aren't exactly blazing the trail in the wild card hunt. The past two weeks Favre has thrown 0 TD's and 5 INT's, and Green Bay has somewhat limped by lowly divisioners Detroit 17-9 and Minnesota 9-7.
  • While the aspect of playoffs still stays in the conversation, there has been nothing pretty about the past two weeks. "I have to remind myself we won" - Favre following the Lions' game.
  • Chicago has had a dominant season. Green Bay is crawling to the finish line. Bears, 4 of 5 since 2004. Smith's first goal, to beat the Packers. Chicago is all about carrying momentum into the playoffs.
  • There is something here for the Monsters of the Midway to play for. I'll take the Bears to close the 2006 season when the oldest rivalry in the NFL meets for another round on the grid iron.
  • Ken Hawk's Week 17 picks (Week 16: 6-10, total 146-78)
  • Washington > NY Giants UPSET
  • New Orleans > Carolina UPSET
  • Houston > Cleveland
  • Dallas > Detroit
  • Kansas City > Jacksonville
  • Tennessee > New England
  • NY Jets > Oakland
  • Cincinnati > Pittsburgh
  • Tampa Bay > Seattle UPSET
  • St Louis > Minnesota
  • San Diego > Arizona
  • Philadelphia > Atlanta
  • Baltimore > Buffalo
  • Indianapolis > Miami
  • Denver > San Francisco
  • Chicago > Green Bay

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ken Hawk's Friday Huddle Quick Hits - Week 16

  • "dEar c sAtAnn SAnta. whY did you take a duMp Dowmn my ChimenEy?" Happy Holidays from Ken Hawk.
  • Its Week 16 and the fight is now. Several teams in the AFC and NFC are entangled up in the wild card hunts and the next two weeks will be the battle ground.
  • The Colts win over the Bengals last week is another example of how the hot team can fall at any moment. Anything can happen in these last two Sundays.
  • This weekend the Titans visit the Bills, the Pats face the Jags, the Broncos host the Bengals and BND's 'Boys have a final showdown with the Eagles.
  • On top of that, you can now get "Deck teh bAlls", the official Ken Hawk XMas soundtrack. Also includes "O ChiostmAS PEe".
  • Here's some lovely Santa helpers.
  • The Titans ran up a five-game win streak through Philadelphia, the Giants, Indianapolis, Houston and Jacksonville. Buffalo has picked up its game and gained momentum while going largely unnoticed.
  • The Bills have been gaining ground each week and even gave a scare to the likes of San Diego. I'll give them a shot at home.
  • Heck I'll even bet on those inconsistent Jags to win at home against the Pats. You know some guy bet Ken Hawk he couldn't kick himself in the stones? "aHAha you OWE mE TWo bUCk S haha OWwWww."
  • A little more Christmas joy for the loyal readers.
  • The Bengals come off that short week loss on the road to take on Denver at home on Sunday. Both are locked up at 8-6 vying for that wild card spot.
  • The Broncos finally straightened their course last week and picked up their first win with Cutler at the helm. Tough one, but I'll take the short week setback and a few injuries on Cincy's side to give Denver this one.
  • On Monday Night something will give when the Cowboys and Eagles meet for a showdown in Dallas.
  • What a time for these two to meet up again. The 'Boys have been THE second half team of 2006 and the Eagles are on a streak after rebounding from the loss of McNabb. The team is fired up behind Garcia and looking to sweep Dallas.
  • This will be a big one this week, and Ken Hawk is going with the Cowboys to turn the lights off on the Eagles' playoff hopes.
  • And now, some picks from some guy who can got a black eye and 28 stitches for Christmas (Week 15: 8-8)
  • Minnesota > Green Bay UPSET
  • Kansas City > Oakland
  • Pittsburgh > Baltimore
  • Atlanta > Carolina
  • Chicago > Detroit
  • Indianapolis > Houston
  • Jacksonville > New England
  • New Orleans > NY Giants UPSET
  • Cleveland > Tampa Bay
  • Buffalo > Tennessee
  • Washington > St Louis UPSET
  • San Francisco > Arizona
  • Denver > Cincinnati
  • Santa cheerleaders > Ken Hawk
  • San Diego > Seattle
  • Dallas > Philadelphia
  • NY Jets > Miami UPSET

Monday, December 18, 2006

My thoughts on the T.O. / DeAngelo Fiasco

First off, I want to say that Terrell Owens should not have spit in the face of DeAngelo Hall. With that said, T.O. should have jut whipped his ass the same way the Cowboys whipped the Falcons. If anyone saw that game, you would know that Hall was getting in T.O.'s face after nearly every play. He hit T.O. late on more than one occasions, and he cried like a little bitch when T.O. burned him, TWICE!

T.O. was man enough to admit what he did and apologize for that, which is much more than I can say about that little bitch Hall. The Falcons have become one of the most undisciplined teams in the league. The 4th Quarter of that game was littered with unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and personal fouls. Mora is a good coach, but he better get a handle on this team before he is sent packing.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ken Hawk's Friday Huddle Quick Hits - Week 15

  • Taco Bell official investigation report: 12/02/2006: Green onions handled by employee Hawk, Kenneth F. Source of contamination traced to employee's stool, which when asked to give a sample, employee defecated in the middle of the clinic floor and stated "THEHre you gO".
  • Ladies and gents its Week 15 of the NFL, and it is simply crazy out there. The worst thing about the NFL? It's unpredictable. The best thing about the NFL? It's unpredictable.
  • The fact is any team - except the Lions - has got a chance. Last week's team we all deemed "cooked" turns it around. The team on the hot streak goes cold. The flavor of the month cools off when another club steps in. The team destined to lose pulls off an upset. Fear not NFL fans, ever Sunday is another chance for that team to pull it together and change the momentum.
  • That being said, here's a gorgeous Panthers Top Cat.
  • You know what, gonna go with a new idea this time. Screw the talk, here's some cheerleaders and some picks.
  • Picks (Week 14: 10-6, 132-60 overall minus one week on vacation)
  • Seattle > San Francisco
  • Dallas > Atlanta
  • Baltimore > Cleveland
  • Detroit > Green Bay UPSET
  • New England > Houston
  • Jacksonville > Tennessee
  • Miami > Buffalo UPSET
  • Minnesota > NY Jets UPSET
  • Pittsburgh > Carolina
  • New Orleans > Washington
  • Denver > Arizona
  • NY Giants > Philadelphia
  • St Louis > Oakland
  • San Diego > Kansas City
  • Cincinnati > Indianapolis UPSET

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ken Hawk's Friday Huddle Quick Hits - Week 14

  • Old man winter got you down? Ken Hawk is the new face in the snow removal biz, with a shovel duct-taped to his Huffy Blazer II and a bag of pepper, because he ran out of salt.
  • Week 14 kicks off and Indianapolis is coming off an upset when they head into Jacksonville on Sunday. The stakes are big here, with the Colts looking to keep in the race for home-field advantage and the Jaguars desperate for a wild card.
  • The Jaguars hit it off big with a primetime win over the Steelers at the beginning of the season, but since have been one of the most on-off teams out there, going 5-1 at home, 2-4 on the road.
  • The Jaguars run game will test that Colts D, and Indianapolis has to find their identity after a number of questionable outings and a failed attempt to lean on the rush game in Tennessee.
  • In the past the Jaguars match well with the Colts and fall short, and with as inconsistent as they have been this year I cannot see this outing as being any different.
  • "dAEr cSANTA, this cHrsitamas can you brinG me a chIK and nOt another lumP of broWn coal thanksk KEN aHWKJ."
  • The big game of the week will be in Dallas when the Cowboys host the Saints on Sunday night for a battle of NFC dominance. Let's face it, these two teams are the elite in the NFC and have the track records to prove it.
  • United States of Romo? I still say it too early for all this "real deal" talk. Romo has been decisive, confident in his play, and acted resiliently when its of upmost importance. Last week Romo nailed a perfect 42-yard pass with a minute left to set up the game-winning FG, gotta admit his play looked brilliant at the end.
  • In the other corner are the Saints, who are at this point undoubtedly the story of the season, given the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the fight back from a 3-13 season.
  • Drew Brees is a clear candidate for Comeback Player of the Year. McCallister and Bush present a serious double-headed attack. Colston is receiving nods for Offensive Rookie of the Year. New Orleans has made its case and lept beyond expectations.
  • This is one of those that can go wither way. These are two amazing clubs, two leaders with momentum. I think Dallas has the advantage in receiving corps over a lesser New Orleans secondary. The offense, as a whole, has reached a new level in its effeciency.
  • On the other hand, I believe Dallas will struggle with having to account with one Reggie Bush on each play. Teams are starting to catch up with Romo's game, one of these days will be a bad one in the office. As of Friday, I believe the injuries to the defense and receivers in New Orleans will leave them short of an upset.
  • This should give a clear indication of THE powerhouse team in the NFC, with two of the most complete NFC teams colliding, something has to give. No matter the outcome, I wouldn't be suprised to see these teams meet up again in January.
  • Thats how Coach Hawk sees it this week. Picks: (Week 13: 10-6)
  • Pittsburgh > Cleveland
  • Atlanta > Tampa Bay
  • Baltimore > Kansas City UPSET
  • Indianapolis > Jacksonville
  • Minnesota > Detroit UPSET
  • New England > Miami
  • NY Giants > Carolina UPSET
  • Cincinnati > Oakland
  • Hot ass Saints cheerleader = BONER
  • Philadelphia > Washington UPSET
  • Tennessee > Houston UPSET
  • San Francisco > Green Bay
  • Seattle > Arizona
  • NY Jets > Buffalo
  • San Diego > Denver
  • Dallas > New Orleans
  • Chicago > St Louis

Sunday, December 03, 2006


The Chicago Bears clinched the NFC North Division today against the Minnesota Vikings. Once again, Rex Grossman played worse than a one-armed leper. Fortunately, the Bear's defense is the best in the NFL, and can create countless turnovers. Urlacher is as close as a player can get to being a Defensive god. Now that the pressure is off, the Bears should be able to get the top seed. I say they start Grossman next week and if he fucks up, put Griese in to see what he can do. With this defense special teams, we will be difficult to beat. The key is Grossman and how he can begin to be an effective quarterback. Those interceptions and fumbles have killed us. Let's hope this is the point of turn-around.